Changing the way business is done in Gippsland.

GROW (Growing Regional Opportunities for Work) Gippsland is a collaborative approach to local economic development and jobs growth in the region, achieved through local and social procurement and inclusive employment. If we all work collectively to make small changes to the way we do business we can create a significant positive impact on the region.

Gippsland Information Initiative (GiPPI) information session

Initiative Launch
Morwell Innovation Centre
Tuesday 12 September 2023
9.30AM to 12.30PM

Gippsland Procurement Power Initiative (GiPPi)

Harnessing the renewable energy transition to transform social and economic outcomes in Gippsland

Inspiring Local Action

GROW Gippsland inspires local businesses and local leaders to change the way they procure and employ to build a stronger local economy.

GROW is collaborative program that brings together partner organisations and program participants from a range of public and private sector businesses who commit to a series of actions designed to increase local and inclusive employment outcomes.

Find out about partner and participant organisations and their commitment to the Gippsland region, and how you can be involved in growing Gippsland.

Grow Gippsland Inspiring Local Action
Grow Gippsland Creating Opportunities

Creating New Opportunities

GROW Gippsland focuses on job creation in key target communities through procurement initiatives, and increasing inclusive employment opportunities. The program seeks to create new opportunities for employment of long-term unemployed, Aboriginal people, young people, people with disability and refugees and migrants.

Find out how you can get involved in creating new opportunities to build stronger local employment outcomes.

Growing the local economy

GROW works with local businesses and businesses operating across Gippsland to direct more spend into the local economy. Even a small shift in spend from outside the region to within the region can have a significant impact.  If all Gippsland businesses increased the proportion of local spend by 5% to local economy would grow by $700 million.

GROW members have access to a bank of procurement guides, tools, templates and systems to assist in increasing local spend and growing the local economy.

GROW Gippsland - Small Group Discussing Work

What GROW participants are saying

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

"GROW builds on the existing momentum in the region to establish a structured and collaborative approach to improved local employment outcomes."

Sarah Cumming, Managing Director, Gippsland Water

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

"GROW highlights opportunities for our Gippsland team to become involved in local initiatives, which prompts conversations about how we might provide better social outcomes when doing business"

Patrick Maiden, Manager - Gippsland, GHD. 

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

"I feel so proud to be working with such a positive program and am constantly amazed at the good will and commitment of businesses large and small, to make a difference to the Gippsland community and its economy"

Jeanie Hall,  Manager Small Business Economic Development and Investment, Latrobe Valley Authority. 

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

“Being part of GROW allows us to link in with other local employers and suppliers to ensure our region continues to go from strength to strength”

Andrew Dimarco, General Manager - Economic Development, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation.

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

"Being part of GROW Gippsland has brought opportunities and introductions to work and organisations that we might have otherwise not found. The focus on local and social procurement strengthens opportunities for the region and particularly those businesses who are inclusive employers. We are very grateful to be part of GROW Gippsland and working with the passionate team". 

Wendy Bezzina, CEO, Latrobe Valley Enterprises. 

GROW Gippsland - Park Bench By Lake

"GROW Gippsland provide a contemporary approach to inclusion of the Gippsland Community, recognising its unique needs and hidden talents".

Nina Axaris, Contracts Manager - Corporate & Financial Services, West Gippsland Healthcare Group 

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