Being a part of the networking group enabled new relationships to be formed and existing ones strengthened

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What is your place of business?

9-11 Tabuteau Road MOE  VIC 3825

(Servicing all of Gippsland and beyond)

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?

Having a background of in excess of 25 years working in Senior Management roles in the Community Services Sector I have advocated for people and been immensely committed to ensuring positive sustainable outcomes for individuals and local disadvantaged groups for many years.   Joining GROW Gippsland will again provide me the opportunity to assist in contributing to positive outcomes locally.

Up until the previous year I was a member of the Business Network Industry (BNI Latrobe Valley) for approximately 4 years. Being a part of the networking group enabled new relationships to be formed and existing ones strengthened.   Networking was paramount and referring business and exploring new opportunities created additional opportunities for people throughout the Region.   GLS believe that by joining GROW Gippsland we can contribute furthermore to the community, business and industry.   In addition, GLS believe that by joining we can further align ourselves with reputable likeminded businesses for the benefit of community outcomes.  

What are you doing to support local business?

GLS predominately ensure purchases are made locally inclusive of plant, equipment, tools, repairs, fuels, mechanical works and alike.   In addition GLS support multiple local charities and sporting clubs through providing financial and in-kind supports annually.     GLS employ local people and have formed positive working relationships with local employment agencies to ensure that all people (including those from diverse backgrounds) have fair and equal access to employment opportunities.

Why do you think it’s important to employ locally?

GLS believe it is a necessity to employ local people, ensuring that money spend is largely put back into the region and local communities, supporting local economy.   By providing employment opportunities locally we directly contribute to a reduction in the number of local people requiring welfare assistance and more importantly we contribute positively to increased self esteem and mental health conditions.  GLS has seen first hand, and on some occasions that by offering people meaningful work they have in turn not needed to rely on past medical, health related, community, social and/or housing support services.     GLS further believe it is important to have a diverse workforce.  We do this by providing employment and training opportunities for those seeking work or exposure to the industry and who may be from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Tell us about a time that you were proud to be a part of your business/organisation:

There have been several instances where I have been proud to work for Gippsland Land Services, a locally owned and operated family business.

Approximately 3 months ago GLS received a call from a representative of a large local company asking if we could provide a quote to remove a shed for an elderly lady.  The GLS Operations Manager attended the property and provided a quote however also suggested advertising the shed on market place/Facebook where she could get free removal for zero dollars.   A month later the initial gentleman called to express his gratitude for the assistance in providing an excellent way of removal with no cost.     Some businesses would have quoted and easily invoiced for removal.   I was reminded at this point of the genuine people I have the pleasure in working with daily, those who seek best outcomes for others.

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Marita Edwards

Business Manager – Gippsland Land Services


P:  0412 992 316

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