Central Agri Group are committed with providing opportunities to locals.

Business name:

Victoria Valley Meat Exports – Central Agri Group Pty Ltd

What is your place of business?

71 Giles Road Trafalgar, 3824 Victoria

What do you do / What’s your area of specialisations as a business?

Meat Processing (Food Manufacturing)

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?

Network with other businesses and explore more opportunities for business growth through community development opportunities.

What are you doing to support local business?

 Employment and food for local community

Why do you think it’s important to employ locally?

They are the best choice for community development in the region and we are committed with providing opportunities to our locals.

Tell us about a time that you were proud to be a part of your business/organisation:

Victoria Valley Meat Exports – Central Agri Group has been operational since 2016 and business has experienced exponential growth since then. We have increased our production capacity from 50 kill a day to 220 Kill a day in 1.5 year’s time. It has been an amazing journey in terms of taking advantage of not only local labour but also skilled labour from overseas providing around 100 jobs for local community. We were among the finalists for best business award for with Mt Baw Baw Shire Council and also winner of capability category in 2021. Company has the most diverse workforce with regards to gender, ethnicity, culture and mindsets. Company has developed a culture of inclusion and openness over the last 3 years. Company’s production doubled since 2016 and its progressing as the company continue to build its business brand based on sustainability principles. Company’s major growth lies in its export market which has recently been enhanced and total growth and revenue of the company’s sales are 80% from direct exports to niche markets. Victoria Valley Meat Exports has export license and listing to 20+ countries including US and now eagerly working towards more markets including EU. Central Agri Group’s producers employ sustainable pasture management practices, maintenance of biodiversity, soil and water management and highest-standard animal welfare practices. With skillsets that translate across our network including animal sciences, human resources, administration, maintenance and training, our experienced staff taps into its vast knowledge to produce delicious products for distribution within the Central Agri Group range.

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Contact details:

Sana Rauf (HR Manager) / Hakan Koyu (Group Operations Manager)

E:  &

P:  0401025087

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