Demonstrating our commitment to local procurement practices

Name: Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation.

Where is your place of business? The Wellington, Latrobe and Baw Baw Shires.

Tell us about your business: A leading provider of primary health care and family support services to the local community, including the Aboriginal community.

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?
A fantastic opportunity to showcase our services to other local organisations in order to assist them in meeting their Indigenous procurement and social responsibility objectives. Also, to demonstrate our commitment to local procurement practices and, of course, networking to hopefully enhance the overall economic viability of Gippsland.

What are you doing to support local business?
We make a conscious effort to procure our products and services locally. At times this means we may pay a premium however, the personable service we receive far outweighs the additional cost we may pay. We understand that by supporting local businesses we are also enhancing the employment prospects of talented Aboriginal people who call Gippsland home.

Why do you think it’s important to employ locally?
We understand that employing locally has a direct impact on the local economy and helps to reduce social issues that may affect our communities. It’s in our best interest to employ locally as many of our positions need to have an intimate knowledge of the local area and the support services that are available to our clients.


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