“I love Gippsland and I love helping local businesses and individuals to be the best they can be!”

Wombarra Consulting

What is your place of business?
Home-based in Warragul – or often found popping in to a local café to beaver away, fuel their economy and promote beautiful Gippsland venues.

Tell us about your business:
Business Consultancy providing Leadership & Business Coaching, Organisational Cultural reform activities and Business Effectiveness support.

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?
I think the bigger question is why wouldn’t you be part of GROW Gippsland? I’m passionate about social procurement and Wombarra has a “giving back” philosophy. As a small business there’s still so much I can do and I’ve committed to identifying work placement opportunities for disadvantaged, vulnerable or at-risk individuals in the region.

I also actively focus my business (and personal) spend to ensure it is local and I enjoy promoting the wonderful little cafes and eateries I visit through my social media platforms.

There are things every business can do – big and small – to promote and sustain our local economy. I’ve seen some wonderful initiatives so far, and it gives you back your faith in humanity. People should be helping other people, and paying kindnesses forward.

To be able to be part of this program in my own backyard is just fantastic. I love Gippsland and I love helping local businesses and individuals to be the best they can be!

Tell us about a time that you were proud to be a part of your business/organisation:
I feel proud everyday of Wombarra. Our philosophy is about people and we support local charitable associations as well as national and global charities. It’s just what we do. A few years back I provided pro bono project management support to Scope on a great project supporting people with communication difficulties. It was so incredibly rewarding breaking down barriers and challenging people’s perceptions of people with communication difficulties or disabilities. It remains a cause very close to my heart.


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