Investing the time to get it right

GROW Gippsland held our second Employer Working Group on December 4 to seven attendees from health, government, telecommunications, trades and labour, water, facility services and disability support at the Latrobe Valley Authority.

Attendees heard from guest speakers Emma and Tess from Australian Network on Disability about workplace adjustments that can be made for a person with disability.

“A workplace adjustment is a change to a work process, practice, procedure or environment that enables a candidate or employee with disability to perform the essential requirements of the job.”

The group discussed the kinds of adjustments that could be made, noticing that most of them are free or of low cost and create an equitable environment to work in: ‘making adjustments for the overall benefit of the workplace’ – Jenny Gregory, East Gippsland Water.

The group then spend time discussing what Inclusive Employment looks like for various work places, remembering that it doesn’t have to mean full-time employment (although that is the goal!).

Could you provide one of these options to someone facing barriers to work?

  • Workplace tour
  • Having a chat with someone in an industry of interest
  • Job Taster days
  • Mock interviews
  • Placements
  • Internships
  • Skills Gap training
  • Industry training programs
  • Create a targeted scholarship, traineeship or apprenticeship
  • Job carving
  • Full-time employment

The group the great benefit of an Employer Working Group; a place to share ideas, challenges and wins, in their inclusive employment journey.

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