New funding opportunities for recycling

New funding opportunities for recycling

Complimenting the Victorian State Government’s new state-wide four-bin system for Victorian households, funding has been released to support the recycling sector in Victoria.

Aimed at reducing household, commercial and industrial waste, these measures are part of a 10-year Recycling Victoria plan and supported by the $56 million Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Fund.

The package includes:

  • $30 million in grants to make Victoria a leader in recycling innovation – creating new products from recycled materials like glass, plastic, organics, electronic waste, concrete, brick and rubber.
  • $10 million in grants to help businesses improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and increase recycling in their daily operations – saving them time and money.
  • A new $7 million Business Innovation Centre will bring together industry, universities and councils to develop new technologies and collaborate on creative solutions to waste challenges.
  • For waste that can’t be recycled, processors will also be able to access $10 million for waste-to-energy initiatives, minimising the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill, while $11.5 million will go towards treating hazardous waste – protecting the community from illegal chemical stockpiles.

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