‘Our history is shown through the cultural heritage of the region’

On August 27, staff members from CPB Contractors and Rail Projects Victoria, both recent GROW Gippsland Compact Members, participated in Cultural Awareness and Cultural Heritage training provided by Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC).

CPB Contractors have been engaged by Rail Projects Victoria to design and construct the new Avon River Bridge as part of Regional Rail Revival’s Gippsland Line Upgrade.

Participants gained an understanding and appreciation of the land on which they will be working and how all parties can work together to protect the culture and heritage of the Gippsland region.

The Avon River, into which major river systems flow, is extremely culturally significant as it was used as a major camp ground for the Indigenous community. Understanding this history ensures that the contractors are prepared for the possibility of finding cultural artifacts and the process that needs to be followed in that instance.

‘Lung’ means ‘belong to’ and the ‘Brayakaulung’ clan belong to, and are the traditional owners of, the current site of Sale, Providence Ponds, Avon and Latrobe rivers; west of Lake Wellington to Mounts Saw Saw and Howitt.

‘Being back on country is healing, it’s our way of reconnecting’ says Grattan Mullett, General Manager – Culture, therefore building a strong relationship with CPB Contractors and Rail Projects Victoria is an important step towards continuing to protect the cultural heritage of Gippsland.

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