Stepping stones on the pathway to a career

On June 28 the Multicultural Friendship Group, who meet every Friday at the Moe GEST, heard from representatives from the Latrobe Valley Authority, TAFE Gippsland, Latrobe Community Health Service and Gippsland Learn Local about ‘job taster’ opportunities.

Health and community service, along with construction, positions are in high demand in the Gippsland region. In an attempt to ensure everyone in the community has an opportunity for a career, support services are coming together to offer 6 week courses.

From English as a second language and computer literacy skills, through to industry specific qualifications and work experience, these ‘job tasters’ are intended to give participants a snapshot of careers in areas such as aged care, nursing, disability work, early childhood care and construction.

Many members of this group are fully qualified in numerous industries but may need to improve on their written or spoken English or technology skills in order to become employable in Australia. These qualifications are also transferable and can be used when applying for jobs in the future.

Offering pre-employment qualifications and work experience opportunities assists community members of Gippsland, who have experienced barriers to work, a pathway into a rewarding career.

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