Understanding the challenges and aspirations of the Gippsland region

On June 11, the GROW Gippsland Procurement Working Group met at the Latrobe Valley Authority in Morwell to discuss their current procurement practices, including any new projects, challenges and ideas for the future of their procurement processes.

The group heard about current projects in the region which included a presentation from Emma at Regional Rail Revival, who are delivering the Gippsland Line Upgrade.

Emma discussed the process taken to ensure the planning and procurement stages of the project were reflective of the GROW Gippsland program. Confirming local and inclusive employment practices were shown in tender responses for the project was extremely important said Emma.

The ongoing creation of a regional procurement toolkit for Gippsland businesses, which can be found on the For Buyers page, is being added to with the consultation of this working group, with new documents available soon.

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