We bring a new level of professional capability to the Gippsland consulting market.

Business name: Carmel Riley Consulting

What is your place of business?

We operate out of The HERD Coworking Space – 15 Napier Street, Warragul Vic 3820. We can also come to you in person (subject to COVID Safe rules) or via zoom meeting.

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?

We are excited to be a part of Grow Gippsland as our vision is to ignite the vitality of local communities through the creation of shared economic and social value.  Our social mission is to recruit, train, and mobilise unemployed/underemployed professionals to make a meaningful impact in the Gippsland community whilst continuing their career development. Our trading mission is to deliver high quality strategic and tactical advice to support socially minded small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, and non-profits to achieve mission-oriented, viable solutions.

Carmel Riley Consulting is based in Gippsland and operates as a social enterprise for inclusive employment.  We are a Social Traders certified social enterprise.  

What are you doing to support local business?

We provide an affordable, accessible level of professional services to Gippsland based business and suppliers.  As experts in unlocking diverse perspectives to solve complex business problems, we bring a new level of professional capability to the Gippsland consulting market.

We deliver 4 tiers of strategic advisory services across 6 functions: Strategy and Evaluation; Strategic Human Resource Management; Complex Procurement and Contract Management; Governance Advisory, Business Development and Training and Development.

By delivering these commercial services, we have created a transitional employment model to engage talented professional people who want to work but haven’t been successful in their job seeking.

We also provide pro-bono and low-bono services to build strategic capability in the start-up for purpose and not for profit sectors.

Strategic use of our consulting firm is also cost-effective way to access diverse local talent. It gives you the comfort of quality services whilst giving you time and opportunity with reduced risk, to build a trust relationship with these members of community – our under-utilized employment talent. And it gets them a foot in the door with local experience and local referees. We believe that this strategy will help develop and grow Gippsland to reach its full potential.

Why do you think it is important to employ locally?

Our consultancy passionately believes in the benefit of tapping into the under-utilised talent pool within our local community. This in turn stimulates and creates opportunity to the betterment of the Gippsland community.  There is so much potential in our local area and we have a lived experience of this. 

Tell us about a time that you were proud to be a part of your business/organisation:

I am proud to be able to demonstrate a pragmatic, practical and community focused approach to business.   I am proud of our high performing team, their new workforce opportunities, and the broader recognition of our inclusive transitional employment model.

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Contact details:

Jo-Anne Kamphuis

EA to Principal Consultant | Operations Support

Carmel Riley Consulting


P:  0409 214 202 

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