The Who, What and Why of GROW Gippsland

By signing the GROW Gippsland Compact your business commits to looking for opportunities to redirect spend towards local businesses and to creating better social outcomes. These social outcomes can include buying from social enterprise, Aboriginal business, or businesses that pro- actively employ job seekers with barriers to work.

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Who is involved

The below organisations have committed to the GROW principles as Compact Members.

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In order of commitment -

Grow Gippsland promoting inclusive employment

GROW Gippsland Scorecard 2020

This 2020 Scorecard is GROW Gippsland’s inaugural statement of outcomes, capturing progress of the program since establishment in early-2018.

The Scorecard was launched on 26 May 2020 by Member for Eastern Victoria, Harriet Shing MP.

Latrobe Valley Authority CEO, Karen Cain, said GROW Gippsland was part of a long-term strategy to transition the community and economy.

“We are pleased to see early signs that the changes made by Compact Members are having a huge collective impact for our region,” Ms Cain explained.

“GROW Gippsland is continuing to work with both local organisations and ones with significant contracts in the region to ensure their spend contributes to the Gippsland economy.”

GROW Gippsland - Federation University Presenting Table

Regional Action Plan

Discover how you can make a difference!

The GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan was the result of six months' research and development work, providing an overview of the Program, including the regional context, challenges, opportunities and the priority action plan for delivery over the first two years.

Read the GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan here:


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For the most up to date information and resources, sign up!

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