The Who, What and Why of GROW Gippsland

By signing the GROW Gippsland Compact your business commits to looking for opportunities to redirect spend towards local businesses and to creating better social outcomes. These social outcomes can include buying from social enterprise, Aboriginal business, or businesses that pro- actively employ job seekers with barriers to work.

GROW Gippsland relies on the work and commitment of each organisation involved in the program. If you have recent stories, case studies and success stories you would like to share with the regional network on the action your business has taken to create positive local and social impact we would love to hear from you.

Who is involved

Snapshot Report – 2019

Regional action plan

GROW Gippsland - Collaboration And Communication Discussion

Who is involved

The below businesses are committed to the GROW principles.

Click on a link to find out more about the business and why they decided to sign the compact and commit to GROW.

In order of commitment –

case studies

Grow Gippsland promoting inclusive employment

Snapshot Report – 2019

The Snapshot report is an amalgamation of data related to the GROW Gippsland program.

Discover the number of Compact Members, including if they are suppliers, buyers or employers and what GROW Gippsland does to support them.

The report also documents the number of Action Plans developed by Compact Members, how much local spend there is in the region and how many people have been placed in employment through the GROW People pilot. Download

GROW Gippsland - Federation University Presenting Table

Regional Action Plan

Discover how you can make a difference!

The GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan is the result of six months’ research and development work and provides an overview of the Program, including the regional context, challenges, opportunities and the priority action plan for delivery until June 2020.

Read the GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan here:



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For the most up to date information and resources, sign up!


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