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GROW Gippsland seeks to make a positive social impact by maximising opportunities for those who may otherwise have barriers to finding work. In Gippsland, the following target groups have been identified and are the focus of GROW Gippsland activities: young people, transitioning workers, Aboriginal people, people with disability, long-term unemployed, CALD and refugee. If you are looking to employ people with barriers to work, GROW Gippsland provides access to resources, networks and support services to assist your business through the process. Define Inclusive Employment.  

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The Inclusive Employment Continuum

One of the ways GROW Gippsland supports employers, is through identifying Inclusive Employment tasks that they can participate in, and which help build capacity within their organisation for ongoing inclusive employment practices.

Click below to see and download the Inclusive Employment Continuum.

There are a number of activities you can participate in to help disadvantaged Victorians gain exposure to work.

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Legal Provisions & General Recruitment Guidance

This document addresses affirmative action and positive duty provisions in legislation that supports organisational inclusive employment activities.

Additional guidance is provided on best practice recruitment processes to avoid discrimination, along with specific GROW Gippsland cohort recruitment guidelines.

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Employer Toolkit and Guidance

Our Employer Toolkit and Guidance material provides more specific guidance for Employers around Inclusive Employment continuum activities and specific 'cohort focused' guidance.

See the list of guides below.

We are adding to this toolkit regularly so please check back!


The Diversity Council of Australia has a fabulous podcast series entitled, The Art of Inclusion, which covers a wide range of inclusion issues. Browse the topics and listen to episodes here.


Stories of Hardship and Hope

In March 2020, the GROW Gippsland Inclusive Employment Team in conjunction with the
Multicultural Stakeholder Engagement program at Latrobe Community Health Service convened a
Cultural Diversity in Employment Forum to run during Harmony Week.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the Forum was cancelled. Some of the speakers lined up for this
event have kindly offered to provide their stories in video form to enable us to share these with you

The first in this series is the story of Josephine Chen.
Please click here to watch Josephine’s video story. Her speech is also provided below.


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