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GROW Gippsland inspires local businesses to take action in the way they do business with the view that many small actions lead to big changes.  By signing the GROW Compact and taking individual action, you provide regional leadership and a contribution to the ongoing social and economic prosperity of the region.

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The GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan is the result of six months' research and development work and provides an overview of the Program, including the regional context, challenges, opportunities and the priority action plan for delivery until June 2020.


Read the GROW Gippsland Regional Action Plan here:

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By signing the GROW Gippsland Compact your business commits to looking for opportunities to redirect spend towards local businesses and to creating better social outcomes. These social outcomes can include buying from social enterprise, Aboriginal business, or businesses that pro- actively employ job seekers with barriers to work.

As a GROW Compact Member, we will assist in the identification, delivery and measurement of your businesses individual GROW objectives.


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GROW Gippsland relies on the work and commitment of each organisation involved in the program.

If you have recent stories, case studies and success stories you would like to share with the regional network on the action your business has taken to create positive local and social impact we would love to hear from you.


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