Manufacturing useful products from recycled plastic

Business name: Plasgain Pty Ltd

What is your place of business? 68 Weerong Road, Drouin Victoria 3818

What do you do / What’s your area of specialisations as a business?

Working on field with the finished product

Supply street lighting and light poles; supply electrical cable covers which we manufacture from recycled plastic locally in Drouin.

Why did you choose to be a part of GROW Gippsland?

 To expand our network of local organisations. To source local supply of polyethylene waste material that we can convert into construction products.

What are you doing to support local business?

We have been growing rapidly in our short existence and plan to continue doing so which will require additional staff and expertise from complimentary businesses. We will support local businesses as we require additional staff, contractors and consultants.

Why do you think it’s important to employ locally?

Creating a sense of community is quite wonderful. An employee to be proud of the work they are doing, be close to home and their local community is a wonderful thing.

Tell us about a time that you were proud to be a part of your business/organisation:

Recently we’ve encouraged all of our staff to collect their HDPE waste household material, such as milk bottles, laundry detergent bottles and yoghurt containers, to bring them into the manufacturing plant where we’ll turn them into a construction product. For each staff member to see first-hand how they can turn waste material into a useful product was wonderful to witness.

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Contact details:

Glenn Gillan

General manager


P:  0455 747 503