Defence work in Gippsland incoming

GROW team members Cameron Spence (Program Manager), Peter Mogridge (Infrastructure Procurement Lead), Shalene Wilcock (Stakeholder Engagement Manager), and Jeanie Hall (Latrobe Valley Authority; Manager Small Business, Economic Development and Investment) recently attended a Rheinmetall briefing hosted by Latrobe City Council and supported by Industry Capability Network (ICN).

Rheinmetall currently employ 320 staff in Australia, and are looking to double those figures to meet contractual requirements with the Australian Federal Government.

Growth areas for production in Australia include:

  • Military vehicles,
  • Air defence,
  • Maritime defence,
  • Ammunition and weapons,
  • Cyber security,
  • Soldier systems,
  • Simulation and training,
  • Active and passive protection systems; and
  • Research and development.

Suppliers were advised that there are specific qualification requirements, but that this can also lead to global opportunities.

A case study was provided by Richard Wenzert from APT. APT is a Berwick business that has transitioned from 65% automotive to 75% defence. Richards’ advice to prospective suppliers for defence includes:

  • Business process management needs to be implemented,
  • A solid team is required to ensure products and high quality and delivered on time; and
  • Attending defence trade shows are a must to make yourself known in person to prospective buyers for defence materials.

Local ICN representative, Colin Young advised that ICN Gateway is a great way for suppliers to connect with defence opportunities as well as opportunities from other major sectors. ICN Gateway is a free search tool for anyone to find suppliers, products and/or services. To submit EOIs and/or make your capabilities known to prospective buyers and suppliers you can set up a free profile at:

ICN Gateway is one of the biggest business networking platforms in Australia, with over 70,000 registered suppliers and $400bn of opportunities listed, helping bring Australian suppliers and project owners together.

Suppliers can search for ‘Rheinmetall’, or other opportunities under the term ‘Defence’.

Click here, for more information on Rheinmetall’s Land 400 Phase 3 activities.

Colin Young (ICN Industry Advisor) can be contacted for support via:
M: 0438 753 428

Information about the Latrobe Defence Alliance can be found here:

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